Who Are You?

A hamlet is a village without a church and a town is not a city without a cathedral. How did the church lose so much ground in modern times? The...

The Dominion Mandate



      Can We Be Friends?

      2017-05-12 20:20:14

      Typically, when people want to have some down time, they think of recreational activities. The idea of leisure time is generally not about going on...


      Likewise Submit; Likewise Love

      2016-07-11 20:17:05

      In the workplace, invariably there is someone who is the boss. The person may not necessarily be the oldest either in biological age or years of...


      Are You Majoring On The Minors?

      2016-07-05 07:07:48

      Have you noticed how you often have to prioritize when making a decision especially when it involves a choice among many? Also particularly when it...


      Marriage – A Purpose-Driven Decision

      2016-06-27 05:15:13

      Marriage – a purpose-driven decisionIn life, the choices we make are often purpose-driven whether we know it or not. Imagine you were invited to an...


      Are You Right For That Person?

      2016-06-20 12:56:29

      For any given profession, there are some standard training and for most, the training culminates in certification. In recognition of evolution and...


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          Being a great leader and achieving great results involves effective communication. The video below will show you the disadvantage of not being able to communicate your ideas effectively.
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