Do you want to know how to convert your dreams to reality? Do you have an idea you want to turn into a product? God has given us the ability to create like he does and there is a timeless process of conversion I will reveal to you today.

First, you must understand that God is the source of all inventions, innovations and ideas. Everything begins with God; Gen 1:1. Resource (product) is scarce but the source (God) is unlimited. 

When you truly bear the image of God, people will see His glory through your life. One of the essential values of LoyaltyGod's kingdom that must be found in you is LOYALTY. People should know they can depend on your faithfulness at all times.

Several leaders have asked me this question over the years, "How sir, can we raise loyal followers?" Here is my answer to them - there are three major steps to cultivating loyalty and raising loyal disciples. They are:

  1. Show impeccable loyalty to Jesus and the Father. Once people see you are loyal to a higher power, they become loyal to you. Loyalty begets loyalty.
  2. Be loyal to your superiors. Integrity is not that you are perfect but that you are a man of your word. Do what you promise, no matter the cost. Psalm 15:4.

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