In the workplace, invariably there is someone who is the boss. The person may not necessarily be the oldest either in biological age or years of service in the establishment. In a lot of cases, they may not even be the most knowledgeable or most skilled in the relevant area of expertise.

The task of leadership is so much more about being visionary, giving direction and

Have you ever written on a plain sheet of paper? Of course you have. You may start off writing on a straight line but after 3-4 lines, you may notice that they are no longer on a straight line.

Contrast that with when you write on a ruled sheet. You could write for as long as you want and 

  1. Friendly Fire; Deadly Fire
  2. Syntax Error
  3. Are You Majoring On The Minors?
  4. Win Through Actions And Not Through Arguments
  5. Discover Purpose
  6. How Do You Manage Your Time?
  7. Marriage – A Purpose-Driven Decision
  8. It's Closer Than You Think
  9. What Does It Mean To Dress Modestly?
  10. Are You Right For That Person?
  11. God Uses The Weak And The Feeble
  12. Count The Cost Before You Launch
  13. Examine God's Love
  14. Spread The Good News
  15. A Knowing
  16. Turn On The Light
  17. It Is 'WHEN', Not 'If'
  18. The Ceramic Cup
  19. How Do I Pursue Success?
  20. Ask And You Shall Receive
  21. 75 Biblical Truths About Alcohol
  22. Let God's Word Guide You
  23. God Knows The Way
  24. Count Your Blessings
  25. How Far Can You See?
  26. Can You Hear Him?
  27. Access Restricted
  28. Do It!
  29. Take Off The Limits
  30. You Are God's Masterpiece
  31. Purposefully Designed
  32. What Are You Listening To?
  33. How To Spot A Car Sale Scam Online (The Customs Format)
  34. Waste, Spend or Invest
  35. The Law Of Displacement
  36. Who Said So?
  37. What's In A Name?
  38. Be Intentional About What You Think About
  39. Too Busy Not To Pray?
  40. Have You Said 'Thank You'?
  41. Show “Him” The Receipt!
  42. Games Satan Plays - 2
  43. Games Satan Plays - 1
  44. God's Value Scale
  45. Faith's Twin Brother
  46. God's Key Performance Indicators
  47. The 3 Realms Of Prayer
  48. Praying By The Rules
  49. The 6 Deadly Enemies Of Your Faith
  50. The Sheik That Spoke The Truth
  51. 5 Things Every Married Man Should Do Around Single Women
  52. The Three Levels Of Knowledge(3)
  53. The Three Levels Of Knowledge(2)
  54. The Three Levels Of Knowledge
  55. The Revelation Of 'Far Above'
  56. The Authority Of A Believer
  57. Tools Of Prophetic Dominion: The Winds Of Favor
  58. The Process Of Creativity
  59. How To Choose Political Leaders
  60. What Do You Eat?
  61. How To Identify Fake Nigerian Policemen At A Glance
  62. Who Is An Infidel?
  63. The Expert
  64. How To Have Loyalty
  65. The Blasphemy Challenge - The Challenge That Tempts Teens To Curse God
  66. Psalm 91
  67. The Law Of Conversion
  68. Laughter Is The Best Medicine
  69. The Potato, Eggs And Coffee Beans
  70. God Has A Plan For Your Life
  71. The Principles Of Life
  72. About Life
  73. Ability Is Nothing Without Availability
  74. The 3 Fs Of Life
  75. Four Steps To Turn Mistakes Around
  76. The Delicious Little Chicken
  77. How To Create Your Own Future
  78. After You Have Prayed, Do This
  79. How Much Does Faith Cost?
  80. What Kind Of Man Are You Looking For?
  81. Reaching Your Goals
  82. The Light House

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