There are two kinds of failures in life:

  • People that don't know; and
  • People that are lazy to do what they know.

Today, I want to deal with the first problem ― ignorance. If you are in that category, I want you to meditate on this message continually until you internalize it. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32.

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Revelations 5: 10

And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

God has made us kings, we are to rule on earth and all other power are to submit to us (1Peter 2:13-14). This means as far as this earth is concerned, you are the highest in authority. The bible didn't say He has made us governors but He has made us kings.

For instance the governor of a state has authority but he is not the highest in authority. He is not higher than the President, the Vice or the Senate President, but he has authority. In Nigeria we have the Supreme Court which is the highest court; God is saying as far as earth is concerned, you're the highest in authority. Not only that you have authority, you're seated at the highest position of authority, as far as this earth is concerned.

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Romans 3: 23

God gave man dominion but somewhere in the process of time, the man that was given dominion sinned (Adam). When man sinned, he not only died spiritually, he also fell from dominion. Man fell from the elevated place God placed him because of sin; but thank God that Jesus Christ came to restore us to that original place of dominion.

Jesus came conquered sin, He died and went to hell; and in hell He conquered Satan (Colossians 2:15). This means Jesus disarmed Satan; He stripped him of the authority he collected from Adam. It's amazing what happened in Pharaoh's palace; Moses used his rod (which signifies authority) and produced a sign and the magicians of pharaoh also used their rod and produced a sign.

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It has been said that security starts first with Intelligence; and you need the right information to be intelligent. As we get into the 'Mber' season and after, here are some safety tips on how to identify fake policemen at a glance.

The times we live in are dangerous; we must learn to deal with it by GOD's Grace.

  • The Number tag of a real policeman must be six digits; if it's less than six, it is a fake.
  • Only female police officers have their numbers begin with "0", any policeman with number beginning with "0" is a fake.
  • Every policeman's name tag is woven to the shirt, no more removable name tags.
  • A distinction between the normal policeman and the SPY (supernumerary) police personnel, is that a SPY number must be either three or four digits with the word "SPY" boldly inscribed on their uniform shoulder.

Please be vigilant at night, always have your windows wound up in traffic. Central lock your doors. Be double sure they are true policemen; if they are not, be strong and speed off. Never get frightened.

Be watchful, they are everywhere; educate your family members, neighbors and friends. GOD is faithful to protect His children; but will we continue in ignorance that knowledge may abound?

This message has been made available by THE NIGERIAN POLICE. Hit the 'Share' button and inform everyone you know.

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