Growing up, if you had siblings and/or cousins living with you in the same household, you probably had those times when one of them would try to “prank” you into doing something by telling you your mom , dad or another adult in the house said you should. They knew that if they simply asked you to do whatever it was they wanted, you would likely say NO. But if the request or order purportedly came from someone in a place of authority over you, then you would have no choice but to comply.

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It is not unusual to sometimes have the ownership of an asset questioned. Sometimes it is for good reason - to determine the real owner, especially if it is something that may have been stolen. Other times, you have people take what belongs to someone else and lay claim to ownership. In the latter case, some thieves are so bold in their claim that even the rightful owner begins to have some doubt as to whether the said item was actually theirs. It gets even more complicated if

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Satan gains victory over the saints not because he has power over them, but because he is versed in the art of subtility, deceit and trickery (Gen. 3). As a matter of fact, Satanic tricks are more powerful and deadly than satanic power. That’s primarily because the tricks of Satan catches you unaware. Let’s take a look at some of the other tricks Satan plays:

TEXT:  1st Cor. 3:18, Rev. 14:15

MYOPIC FOCUS: He has won several times with this strategy especially in this overtly competitive age of the 21st century. The danger of this strategy is that it affects you in this life and in eternity. 

The game Satan plays here is to

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How is Satan able to bring down great men who are giant killers doing mighty things in the kingdom of God? How is satan able to distract a person focused on God with all his/her heart? How did satan get the Adams, Esaus and Judases of this world who were all on the course of greatness to turn around and fall? 

The Bible tells us exactly how he achieves this.

Satan uses tricks and well orchestrated games to plot the downfall of men. Remember that the first time the devil was introduced in the Bible, he was introduced as

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