Have you ever written on a plain sheet of paper? Of course you have. You may start off writing on a straight line but after 3-4 lines, you may notice that they are no longer on a straight line.

Contrast that with when you write on a ruled sheet. You could write for as long as you want and 

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friendly fire, deadly fire

Friendly fire is a military term describing an unwanted, undesired occurrence. It is an attack (weapon fire) on one’s own force or other allied forces; inadvertently causing injury or death (of course without intent to) while attempting to attack enemy forces. It is an incident you don’t ever want to happen, but yes it does happen and as you can imagine a painful experience for the initiator of the “fire”.

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Syntax is a term in the linguistics (about language). It refers to the way words are arranged to form a proper sentence in a specific language. If you speak more than one language, you probably have noticed that in translating a sentence in one language to the other, the sequence of words (noun, verb, adjective) usually change.

If you are familiar with computer programming, you probably know that there is “computing language”. To write a computer programme, you have to pay attention to the syntax. If you disregard the rules of the sequence or make a mistake or omit something, when you

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