The language used in communication is very critical. We can all attest to the fact that in a given sentence, change of one key word may totally change the meaning of the sentence. In such a case scenario, you would agree that the two words in question would semantically (i.e. with regards to meaning) not be interchangeable.

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Andrew Johnson was a self-educated tailor and a one-time President. As President he made his own clothes as well as his cabinet members.

He was the 17th President of the USA and succeeded Abraham Lincoln after his assassination. He brought with him to the white house a quiet, simple, unassuming lifestyle.

He once said, " If I am shot at, I want no man to be in the way of the bullet".

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Doors . . . they are everywhere. If you take a look around you even as you read this, you can probably count more than one. And if you decide to take inventory of the building you are in right now, they may be so many. Doors are portals or in simpler terms entry points into a place. They allow for entrance as well as exit OR even more importantly (in some cases) bar entrance or exit.

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It happens to most of us (probably all of us!). You have intentions of getting something done and when you don’t get the desired expectation, you suddenly realize you actually didn’t engage in the specific action to get it to happen. So many examples come to mind and I’m sure you can relate to one or more.

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