In recent times, there has been a greater awareness of the benefits of healthy living and fitness. It is therefore not unusual to see people running, jogging, or walking in a park, stadium or even along the sidewalks of streets and roads. On a good day (the weather permitting), if you take a little time to observe people in their pursuit of fitness, you will notice that they move at different paces. You may see the

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An instrument is a device or tool – something used to accomplish a task or achieve some result. Let’s look at some simple instruments – a can opener, a car steering wheel, a mop, a spoon, a drum. These are all instruments we are familiar with and though different, they all have some common characteristics. These include the following:

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We experience the "name phenomenon" all the time. When we hear that someone is a graduate of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, etc. - we immediately assume that they must be exceptional in their field of expertise (not necessarily true by the way). It is the school that has a “name” and association with that name presents opportunities. And yes, people

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