The Three Levels Of Knowledge(2)

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Revelation is hearing, touching, and seeing the intangible. In the Bible, when Jesus says "Let him that has an ear hear ...", He's referring to this level of insight. If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible. It is perceiving what is not obvious. The realm of creativity, inventions, prophesy, etc. operates beyond the physical level. The spiritual world is more real than the physical world.


If you cannot step beyond your head, reasoning or emotion, you will not go far in life. When you wake up on Sunday morning and your emotion tells you that you cannot make it to church, forget it, it’s a lie. Why do things like this happen? Because in the physical world there is a lot of deception.

E.g. If you see someone shivering at room temperature, there is something wrong. But with your natural eye even if the person is cut open, you won't see anything. Yet over time, doctors who have believed in the invisible, trust that if they can inject something into the person's blood, that will exercise dominion over the sickness. That invisible thing causing the sickness, they now call pathogens.


The brain is divided into compartments. There is the right brain that operates in the level of revelation knowledge. This is the part of the brain inventors develop. While the left brain is what deals with the sense knowledge. This is what formal education develops.

People that become wealthy are people that can tap into the intangible. This is what people like the Jews have discovered. Real wealth is portable. The spiritual world controls this physical realm. And for any invisible phenomenon that men decode, they give it a name e.g. radio waves, bacteria, etc. The parts of the invisible they haven't yet decoded remains a mystery to them. In the past, such mysteries were revered as gods e.g. thunder, rain, giant trees, etc.


If Africa will develop, we have to move more of our people to this level of knowledge. Africa is still at the bottom of the world economic chart because for ages, Africans have operated at the level of the things they can see. E.g. Congo DRC signed agreements during their struggle for independence, that everything below six feet was for the Belgians while things above that level were for the indigenes. Fifty years later, DRC Congo has been the world's richest producer of diamonds and other important natural resources in the world yet her indigenes are still living in squalor. A big regret for generations to come.


A lot of things happen to people whose spiritual eyes are blind. The eye that sees the invisible is on your inside. In the realm of the spirit, your physical eyes are like a mere decoration. It takes people that can tap into the unseen to create products.

There are a lot of things hanging in the spiritual realm but many of us don't know how to download it.

The reason for the entrance of the Holy Spirit in your life is to give you the ability to ascend on high.

Open my eyes that I might see. Open the eyes of my understanding. Give me the illumination that comes from inside, that eye that can discover and create things. Give me that eye that can discern and understand . Give me that inner eye that can see beyond what is obvious and key into opportunities. Anoint me with the spirit of wisdom and revelation. be continued!

Pastor David Ogbueli
David Ogbueli is an international speaker, Author, a management and government consultant. He is the senior pastor of Dominion City church worldwide and the president of the Dominion Leadership Institute.

He is the host of the TV and Radio Program ‘Expand your world’ that runs on many TV and Radio stations throughout the nation. His teaching and healing ministry has brought tremendous blessing to the lives of many people all around the world.

He has authored many books which include: Discovering Your Ministry, Discovering the Power of The Blood covenant, and Secrets of The Greatest Men That Ever Lived, Dealing with Rejection, The Location of Hell and The Essence of Life.

As a well-known conference speaker, he has traveled extensively, passionately taking the message of personal and national transformation to the people and leaders of nations around the world.

He is on the board of various organizations which include the Golden Heart Foundation, the principal convener of the National Youth Summit – A youth development initiative that has impacted over 100,000 youths in the nation. He is married to Sarah Ogbueli and they are blessed with four children.

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