Games Satan Plays - 1

How is Satan able to bring down great men who are giant killers doing mighty things in the kingdom of God? How is satan able to distract a person focused on God with all his/her heart? How did satan get the Adams, Esaus and Judases of this world who were all on the course of greatness to turn around and fall? 

The Bible tells us exactly how he achieves this.

Satan uses tricks and well orchestrated games to plot the downfall of men. Remember that the first time the devil was introduced in the Bible, he was introduced as

a subtle and deceptive creature (Gen. 3:1). The Bible also tells us that he deceives the whole world (Rev. 12:9); that’s his strongest strategy – game playing and deception.

Satan is a game player and he has achieved tremendous results doing this.

Let’s look at the five most successful games he sets up:


This is meant to be a good thing but the devil twists it to his advantage. He tells you and encourages you to sin and misbehave because God is merciful and will forgive you. Yes, God will forgive you when you repent but at what cost? God’s forgiveness is total but you would have lost something. For instance, if Joseph had sinned with Potiphar’s wife, he would obviously be promoted in Potiphar’s house but he would have lost the chance to rule the whole of Egypt. He would have been content ruling in Potiphar’s house and he would never know the great destiny he lost. 

Likewise, if Jesus had yielded to the temptations of Satan in Matt. 4:4-10, yes, God would have forgiven him but he would have lost the chance of being the King of kings; for only a sinless man could stand in as the saviour of the whole world. 

Let no one deceive you, although sin will be completely forgiven and wiped away, it has consequences. Also, take a look at David who people like to quote and use as a licence to sin. The common comment is that David sinned but God forgave him and he was still called the man after God’s heart. This is true, however, let’s look closely at his life. Notice that the child that came out of his relationship with Bathsheba died. God also told him that the sword will never depart from his house (2nd Sam. 12:10), that there would be calamity, and that his close associates will sleep with his wives (2nd Sam. 12:11). The worst part is that his story would be put in the Bible so that generations after generations till eternity will read and know what David thought he did in secret. In other words, the secret sin of David would be exposed to the whole world.

Abraham sinned with Hagar. Did God forgive him? Yes! Absolutely but look at the effect all over the world. We have the descendants of Abraham and Hagar’s liaison cause trouble all over the world through Islam (Gen. 16: 11-12). Even in Abraham's household, no peace was found in his home, as the two women fought constantly and the kids quarrelled and intimidated each other (Gen.15:5).

If you are a man or woman of destiny, the devil will play this game on you. Remember that If you sin you will be forgiven but you will never know the great destiny you have lost and sometimes you may never get it back. Take a cue from Esau and Judas. The Bible says though they sought back their birthright with many tears but never got it back.

Do not despise and sell your birthright for any reason. Your relationship with God and the destiny he has set for you, is more important and more valuable than all the treasures of the earth. 

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Israel N. Unya
Director (iValue Media)
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