How To Spot A Car Sale Scam Online (The Customs Format)

Hello ALL please be wary of all these facebook posts about Nigeria Customs having auctions as THEY ARE SCAMS..Customs don't sell cars on social media - not for now!

I saw a post by Odushina Olabisi on my friend #Adekunle Yusuf s wall and knowing it was a scam, I decided to play along. Watch your facebook settings and who you allow to make posts on your wall.Also. be careful before accepting "strange friend invites"

Odushina Olabisi is supposed to be a female, dressed in

customs uniform with the phone number 08062958218 but a call to the line will connect you to a male. Transformation? Hmmm.A further check on the number on truecaller reveals the number is known as " CUSTOM". Please, any invite from anybody wearing custom uniform, double and triple check before accepting IF you KNOW the person. If you don't know the person, run!

I told the Custom Officer i was interested in buying a Toyota Camry Tiny light which was quoted as 350k and he sent me some documents, to fill and scan to him, saying the auction would hold at IDIROKO, Ogun State.He said I'm to make a payment of 35k which will be deducted from the cost of the car THIS IS THE HIT, DON'T FALL!

The account details for the payment was a GTB 0201057060 belonging to BALOGUN ADAMS.

Is Balogun Adams a TSA account or isn't the Customs a part of the TSA anymore?

On further checks, BALOGUN ADAMS is a special account opened via etisalat /GTB special Short code arrangement ,domiciled at LOKOJA and the account details are yet to be provided. Incomplete documentations of accounts (BANKERS BEWARE!)

I told the scammer that the bank wouldn't allow me make a deposit into the account because of incomplete documentation and then he gave me another account.

He sent over a First Bank account number 3090324919 belonging to IBRAHIM ALEX BALOGUN. And from my investigations again, the account was opened at KOGI with incomplete documentation and the phone number on the account is 08162673308. A truecaller search on the account reveals it belongs to PASTOR JOE CAR DEALER

Another number which was used by the Scammer is 08039433797 and according to truecaller, it belongs to CUSTOM KUNLE SAMUEL

So, a quick recap of what we have learnt:
1. Customs don't sell cars on social media
2. Be wary of friends requests from people wearing CUSTOMS UNIFORM
3. Don't just add people any how on social media. If you do, you might be exposing your friends to fraudulent activities
4. You can't cheat a honest man.Scammers lure you with deals "too good to be true"
5. Bankers need to have good documentations of their customers.BVN should be well loaded with customers verified details.

6. Sim registration can help curb the activities of scammers.

Please, don't encourage these scammers to con you or your loved ones.They are so many out there. Stopping them is herculean but we can discourage them by spreading the word to our friends, families and acquaintances ..Be safe... Cheers!

Did I mention that I sent the poor scammer a N400 MTN card? Well, make him manage am, life is hard!

Do have a nice day.

Israel N. Unya
Director (iValue Media)
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