Win Through Actions And Not Through Arguments

The only member of the British House of Commons not permitted to speak is the one called the speaker. His job is administrative, mainly to maintain order, enforce rules and guidelines and ensure procedures are followed. With him, actions speak louder than words. He speaks through his deeds.


We live in a chaotic world. People are shouting at the top of their voices all in a bid to be heard. One of the most difficult jobs on earth is that of the speaker of the British House of Commons. In a heated debate, when everyone is trying to outshout the other, his job is to be still.

God once said,"Be still and know that I am God!"

Sometimes when you are tempted to run in five different directions at the same time and you feel that the world is about to make a safe landing on your head, remember the speaker, then think of those words,"Be still and know."

There are several significant discoveries you can make when you embrace quietness within and without you; for many are there who appear calm and quiet on the outside but are terribly noisy on the inside of them.

Remember this:"it is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through actions, without saying a word...Selah!"

Pastor Chiefo Ejiofobiri

He is a renowned Life Coach known as 'The Mentor' and Founder of the renowned Ace Foundation for Peace and Development. He is a Fellow of the Institute  of Human and Natural Resources, Institute of Strategic Human Capital Management and Institute of Chartered Portfolio Management, and holds an MBA degree in Finance.

With a history of mentoring that spans over two decades, Dr Chiefo has led transformational movements in the marketplace such as Gospel Youth Fellowship, Banker’s World, Yoke Fellows, Lapidoth-Deborah foundation, and currently the Ace Foundation.

Chiefo is happily married to Chinwe, and they are blessed with three lovely children.

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