God's Key Performance Indicators

Global supervisory agencies like UN, WHO, World Bank etc. have indicators that help them assess the level of poverty, growth, literacy etc in a nation. God’s kingdom also has indicative systems to measure various virtues and values.

Assessment in heaven is not done by guesswork or emotions (that is, how God feels per time). It is based on laid down indicators. The scary part is that

most people judge themselves without using the heavenly indicators. Therefore, they assess themselves by their own standards rather than by God's standards.

It is important to note that the way God sees things is different from the way we see things. Luke 16; 15. However, God's view matters more than any other opinion, because, He is the ultimate judge.

Let us look at 5 heavenly indicators. That is 5 ways God measures or accesses things;

1. The Indicator for loving God -  it is not what you say to God that shows that you love him . God judges your love for Him by:

Your obedience to Him (John 14:15) and

Your Love for men (1 John 4:20)

2. The Indicator to show where your heart and passion really is - It is not what you say that shows where your heart really is. Where you invest most of your finances and other treasures like time, shows where your passion lies. (Matt 6:19-21)

3. The Indicator for being on God’s team - is not assessed by being in church it is seen in soul winning. Jesus said if you are not gathering with Him, then automatically, you are scattering. If you are not involved in soul winning, then you are not on God's team. (Matt 12:30)

4. The Indicator of being spiritual is not seen in manifesting spiritual gifts but in manifesting spiritual fruits. (Matt 7:18-23)

5. The Indicator for being a disciple - is seen in an unqualified commitment to Jesus even to the point of death, placing nothing above God. (Luke 14:26)

Use these indicators as a measuring line to assess yourself so that you will stay on the same page with God.


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