Who Are You?

A hamlet is a village without a church and a town is not a city without a cathedral.

How did the church lose so much ground in modern times? The church used to be the bedrock of civilization.

Can you imagine that? Until a cathedral emerged in a town, it

How Do You Manage Your Time?


I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work (John 9:4).

On average, we sleep today 1.5 hours less than people slept before the advent of electricity. Light drives activity.

How active are you? Are you

It's Closer Than You Think

Due to the shortages of lead metal in World War 2, toothpaste manufacturers had to look for an alternative packaging material. This led to the discovery of plastic as a material for packaging. This practice has remained so to this day.

 When your supplies dry up, when you experience

Spread The Good News

In 1915, Wrigley promoted their new spearmint by mailing four sample sticks to each of the 1.5 million addresses in the USA telephone book. Why were they giving out so much? They believed the proof of the pudding was in the eating and there was no way you would eat