God Has A Plan For Your Life

I would like to share a story about God's plan.

Once a passenger ship was struck in high tides at about 2.00am and with the slap of waves the ship was brokenGod's plan into pieces and one survived with the wooden plank which was left over on a small walk-able island. He saw the small Island and blamed God for the misfortune he had caused him, because he made alone with no one or anything except few trees. So, as he has no other way to go he started collecting small branches for building small hut to sit underneath and protect from Sunlight. 

But still sunlight was entering through the hut sealing. He again blamed God. He collected more leaves

and even small branches and put it over and over. After a month, there was huge rain with wind & thunder and about 7.00pm evening water started poring from the roof he built. He got wet. He came out, saw above and started shouting to God again, "You can’t see, my Hut is poring and you are still pouring rain with thunder. 

And, a thunder fell on his Hut and burnt off with big black smokey flame. His voice raised and said “You can’t see me happy with this small Hut? Why did you burn it?” he spoke with God upto late night and went to sleep. At 6.30am next morning he heard the horn and sound of a ship from which two Naval-security persons came to him in a small boat. 

The survived one asked the Naval security how have they found him? Security said “Yesterday night you have made a huge smoke which we could see from our shore and thought some one is still alive in the previous month ship incident.” 

The survived passenger looked above and said to God, " Oh God, Yesterday you collapsed my Hut by thunder so that I can go to my real Home. Thank you very much for you have a great Plan".


What ever God does, he has a plan for you, to make you satisfied at the right place and right time.

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