Reaching Your Goals

One day a son came to his father for an advice: Dad, I can't do it, he said, - those practices only exhaust me, and the result doesn't change. It may be not destined for me to play football and my dream will never come true.

The father looked at his son with loving eyes and said:

You know son, every person in life has a dream, a goal, a wish. They are the ones who make us do what we are doing, because it’s what we should do. We have to fight for what we believe in, what we feel. In other case, you will simply break. Once, and for all. As thought you were never there.

The easiest way is to quit everything and not go until the end, because the path is difficult and we are not used to inconveniences. We want everything to be easy and at once. But the wishes are fleeting! This is how our dream dies, and the goal becomes unreachable.

Then gradually, life becomes a routine without depth and meaning. Then one day, we try to forget and start everything from the beginning, we wait for a new day to make our life different. When new obstacles come in our way, we stop again. We become full of despair and anger for our own impotence… but, you only need to remember one thing: never give up, fight, battle.


It doesn't matter that you have lost one battle or even dozens of battles. Life goes on! Your biggest enemies are hiding in you – laziness, fear, doubt, indecision. Be a warrior of your dream, a knight of your goal and a soldier of your wishes.



Never allow your biggest enemies such as laziness, fear, doubt, indecision to weigh you down in life.

What lesson did you take away from this piece? Share your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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