The Process Of Creativity

Do you want to know how to convert your dreams to reality? Do you have an idea you want to turn into a product? God has given us the ability to create like he does and there is a timeless process of conversion I will reveal to you today.

First, you must understand that God is the source of all inventions, innovations and ideas. Everything begins with God; Gen 1:1. Resource (product) is scarce but the source (God) is unlimited. 


STEP 1. PRAYER (communion, anointing, meditation): The purpose of prayer is to find out the mind of God before you take action. You cannot find me in a prayer meeting without a paper and pen because I know that without taking notes of what God will tell me, I would just waste the anointing. Knowing what prayer does is the beginning of your solution. Prayer supplies power (the ability to do work). Some unbelievers at this level do meditations.

STEP 2. REVELATION (ideas, inspiration, vision): This is the time to visualize and give life to your ideas. Everything that functions needs energy to work. Once energy (life) leaves a person/product, it dies. The purpose of the inspiration and mental energy at this stage is to get the job done.

STEP 3. COMMUNICATION (confession, vision-casting): This is the point where faith is spoken. This is the stage where the visionary begins to surround himself with vision-runners/helpers. 

STEP 4. PLANNING (goals, objectives, time-limits, action-points): After articulating your vision, you must set goals and place deadlines to them. A goal without a delivery-date is just a dream.

STEP 5. ACTION (execution): The problem with most believers is that when they get divine directives they wait for God to take action. Never delegate back to God what He has assigned us to do. Nothing is given free. You must always take action proportional to the revelation that God has given you, Deut 2:24.


Finally, after going through these processes, you will get the PRODUCT. There are two points where you see the product: during the level of revelation(intangible) and during the reality/product(tangible) realm. The abundant life which God has called us into is a life of creativity and responsibility. It takes things from ideas and translates it to product. Resource (product) is scarce but the source (God) is unlimited. This is the process to getting results.



FATHER, expand my ability to convert. Give me grace for conversion. Grace to convert the revelations you are pouring into my spirit today. Give me ability to solve problems. I want your will to be done through my life. Enlarge my capacity to influence my world. Let me not die a narrow-minded person. I cannot compress or reduce you to my level. Expand me to your level, Lord. Give me the spirit of responsibility to implement the things you are saying this hour, in Jesus' name!
Pastor David Ogbueli
David Ogbueli is an international speaker, Author, a management and government consultant. He is the senior pastor of Dominion City church worldwide and the president of the Dominion Leadership Institute.

He is the host of the TV and Radio Program ‘Expand your world’ that runs on many TV and Radio stations throughout the nation. His teaching and healing ministry has brought tremendous blessing to the lives of many people all around the world.

He has authored many books which include: Discovering Your Ministry, Discovering the Power of The Blood covenant, and Secrets of The Greatest Men That Ever Lived, Dealing with Rejection, The Location of Hell and The Essence of Life.

As a well-known conference speaker, he has traveled extensively, passionately taking the message of personal and national transformation to the people and leaders of nations around the world.

He is on the board of various organizations which include the Golden Heart Foundation, the principal convener of the National Youth Summit – A youth development initiative that has impacted over 100,000 youths in the nation. He is married to Sarah Ogbueli and they are blessed with four children.

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