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In 1915, Wrigley promoted their new spearmint by mailing four sample sticks to each of the 1.5 million addresses in the USA telephone book. Why were they giving out so much? They believed the proof of the pudding was in the eating and there was no way you would eat their gum and not go looking for more. That's how much they believed in their product.


I have found out that no one believes in what you do more than yourself. You are your biggest fan. If you think lowly about yourself or what you do, nobody is going to think highly about you or what you do. Your enthusiasm or pessimism simply rubs off on people around you.

Do you believe enough in your product to give it away persuaded that anyone who uses it will come back for more? God also operates this system. He calls you to experience Him knowing you will ask for more.

Oh taste and see that God is good: Blessed is the man that taketh refuge in him. (Psalms 34:8)
Pastor Chiefo Ejiofobiri

He is a renowned Life Coach known as 'The Mentor' and Founder of the renowned Ace Foundation for Peace and Development. He is a Fellow of the Institute  of Human and Natural Resources, Institute of Strategic Human Capital Management and Institute of Chartered Portfolio Management, and holds an MBA degree in Finance.

With a history of mentoring that spans over two decades, Dr Chiefo has led transformational movements in the marketplace such as Gospel Youth Fellowship, Banker’s World, Yoke Fellows, Lapidoth-Deborah foundation, and currently the Ace Foundation.

Chiefo is happily married to Chinwe, and they are blessed with three lovely children.

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