Ability Is Nothing Without Availability

Do you have a great idea resting majestically in your head?Ability

A great song yet to be sung?

A great play/movie still unscripted?

A great knowledge/wisdom to better the world at large?

A great approach to world's power problems?

These are just great nothings and will remain so, until they become ....

The 3 Fs Of Life

Faith and fear are great measures to determine the future. Faith and fear are great infectious words because they spread like epidemics, but you must be careful of what you listen to and those you associate with. Many people have allowed the faithless words of others to drive them into ....

Four Steps To Turn Mistakes Around

Over time, successful people have come to realize that mistakes are almost unavoidable, and the only people that do not make mistakes are people that have not tried anything meaningful. Making mistakes does not mean thatturning from mistakes you have totally failed or you have little or no idea about what you are ....

How To Create Your Own Future

If you are a student, you don't have to wait until you graduate before you create the job you will do after graduation. You create that job with your mouth while you are still in school. It will start existing while you are still writing your examinations.

Finally, you need to ....