Digital Marketing Training on Ad Networks
Nov 15

Digital Marketing Training on Ad Networks


  • What Is An Ad Network?

    An Ad Network (also known as an "Online Advertising Network) is a company that connects advertisers to websites that want to sell their advertising space. These website owners that have advertising space for sale are called Publishers.

    Why Use An Ad Network To Promote Your Business?

    1. You can easily advertise what you do on every page of thousands of websites even with a small budget.

    2. Easy Management Of Ads:

    Not all ads will give you the same results as what you say and the people you target matter.

    With an Ad Network, you can test your ads first with a small amount to see which of them performs better. You can now stop the poorly performing ads and boost the ads that are performing well.

    3. Easy to setup your ads. 

    Your ads can start getting displayed on thousands of sites in as little as 5minutes.

    4. For Publishers, an easy way to make your website profitable. You saave yourself the headache of looking for advertisers to advertise on your site.

    5. For Publishers, No Selling Skill Required.

    If you have no experience in selling, you might very well find it hard to negotiate with advertisers. The ads that are delivered via an ad network typically come with a non-negotiable fixed rate. Yes, this will be less than what you get from a direct advertiser, but you also get to take out all the haggling and hassles.

    Out of sight (they say), is out mind. If you want an efficient way to always keep your business in the mind of people, you should definitely start using an Ad Network.

    Come Thursday, 15th November 2018, I will hold a Live training that will show you:

    1. How to setup your ads on an Ad Network

    2. How to make money from Ad Networks; an industry worth over N100billion.

    Who Should Attend This training?

    1. Everyone in business - Network Marketers, business owners, entreprenuers etc

    2. Everyone who runs an organisation - churches, NGO, school etc

    3. Everyone who has a corporate website

    4. Everyone who owns a blog website

    5. Job applicants and Fresh Graduates


    1. You will learn how you can earn up to 25% consistently from everyone you refer to the network

    2. How you can get free advertising credit which you can use to advertise your products and services.

    3. How you can make money setting up ads for business owners.

    Training Fee: N2000

    Date: 15th November, 2018

    Venue: #12 O'Connor Street, Owerri Road bus stop, opposite St. Bridget's Catholic Church.

    Time: 1pm

    Payment Details

    To secure your seat, make payment into Account Name: iValue Media | GTB - 0041863278

    Bonus: The first 5 people to pay will get free advertising credits.

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  • Date & Time
    Nov 15 2018 at 01:00 PM - Nov 15 2018 at 04:00 PM Africa/Lagos
  • Location & full address
    12 O'Connor Street, Owerri Road bus stop, opposite St. Bridget's Catholic Church, Asata, Enugu State.
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    Israel N. Unya