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Israel N. Unya Discussion started by Israel N. Unya 8 months ago
Nneoma Wokemba wrote:

"Why is it that when a man is widowed he is quickly encouraged to remarry but when a woman is widowed, she is asked to focus on raising her kids?

Why is it that widowers are often introduced to young, never married ladies for marriage but widows are exclusively introduced to much older men, widowers and divorced men? Not that there's anything wrong with these sets of men but why are single young men often excluded from the line up?

Why don't men wear white for one year to mourn their wives but women have to do so to mourn their husbands?

Why do landlords refuse to rent houses to widows but don't mind having widowers as tenants?

Why is it that when a widower is seen with a woman, he is applauded for having the courage to move on but when a widow is seen with a man it means she is loose? Is conji a respecter of gender? I think not.

Why do some people avoid widows because they think widowhood is contagious but you never see widowers being avoided for the same reason?

Why don't any of the 'mourning rules' prescribed for women apply to men?

Who created this box? Can't this box be broken?

We need to ask more questions."


What are your thoughts on this matter?