I have not said that you should command a particular person to come and be your husband or wife. Do not use commanding prayer as a tool for manipulation. It will not work for you that way. You cannot use commanding prayer to call someone else,s husband or wife and expect it to work for you. 

How to pray the prayer is: 'That person that God has planned for my destiny; that person that is designed

to fit into my life; who will complement me and help me achieve my highest potential in life, wherever you are, I  command you to show up. I command you path and my path to cross and I command that the moment we meet, we will click.

A force will go into operation to pull that person to you.

After teaching this sometime ago, a lady at the age of 41 put it into practice and summoned her dream husband to appear.

A young man in the united states suddenly got an idea to visit home in Nigeria. He got a ticket and the following week he landed in Lagos. His plan was to go to his hometown and see his family but he decided to hang around Lagos for some days.

Someone invited him to church and he came to service. Out ot the thousands of people that were in the church, i was that lady that he became fascinated about. He extended his stay in order to go and pay her dowry and perform other marriage ceremonies.

When the ceremonies were over, the young man said to me, "Pastor, when I came home, I thought I was coming to see my family that I have not seen for many years. Now I have found the reason why I came. It was to come and find my wife and I have found her.                         

Reference book: Dominion Mandate by Pastor. David Ogbuelie.

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