Characteristics of FRIENDSHIP – No threat!

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“AJ, what’s the excitement about?” Zed asked as he walked past his co-worker’s desk. AJ had just ended a call that had been quite animated. He had been talking to someone in his native language and was obviously full of excitement. “If I didn’t know your aversion to gambling I would have thought you won the lottery”, Zed teased. “Spill it - what jackpot did you hit!

“Not me. It’s my friend David - remember the one who joins us occasionally to play football on Saturdays?” AJ replies. “He is with the Airforce and just got promoted! He is climbing through the ranks really fast, but absolutely well-deserved. I am so proud of him!”

“Man, you are one heck of a friend!” Zed exclaims, giving him an incredulous look. “Honestly, the way you are excited, one would think it was you who got promoted. And what with all the challenges you have had here this past year.” *

In a nutshell: A friend is one who is not at all threatened by your progress, but genuinely rejoices at your successes and accomplishments. A friend knows they are not in competition with you (or anyone else for that matter!). A friend celebrates you and does not mind putting the spotlight on you, knowing that the brilliance of your ‘shine’ does not in any way diminish theirs! never is envious nor boils over with jealousy . . . 1 Corinthians 13:4b; AMPC]

Rhetorical Question: Do you celebrate your friends when they ‘hit’ major milestones or are in the spotlight for accomplishments?

Your Take: Why do you think people get jealous of others people’s successes especially when they are contemporaries?


*Unless otherwise stated, characters in the narrative are fictitious. The narrative excerpt while realistic is simply meant to illustrate the principle being explored.

Olihe Okoro
Author: Olihe Okoro
Olihe Okoro is a teacher and writer. She loves God's word and believes wholly in it as the road map for effective Christian living. She is happily married and the mother of three beautiful children.
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